*6 months supply: Plastic free, zero waste luxury toilet paper 48 rolls, 3 ply, 300 sheets @ 30 meters per roll

Ty Mor: Luxury Toilet Paper Tissue Rolls

We use sustainable plant fibre materials to innovate eco-friendly, affordable household products such as our amazing, 900 sheets, 3 ply, quilted, treeless toilet tissue paper rolls that are 30 metres per roll. Incredible value, Good for you and good for Nature. 

Saving the world...one wipe at time with Ty Mor by ShearWater Eco

Soft, strong, quilted and affordable 3ply, 900 sheets of 30 meters per roll, excellent value for your money and great for Mother Nature too!

Tŷ Môr by ShearWater Eco

ShearWater Eco Ltd was born out of a vision that environmentally friendly household products must be affordable to all. 

Brilliant product with great customer service would highly recommend. I will not be buying store bought anymore as I have realised the impact on the environment. Keep up the good work.

Lilia Quattrin
Chester, UK

Even More ecologically conscious than who give a crap and other eco brands that I am aware of. Price is good too. Will be getting this from now on and it is Welsh!

Richard Lansdown
Cardiff, Wales
I absolutely love this product. It is great value for money and really soft and doesn't tear. My husband and I use less than a roll a week and that is definitely good for our savings plus we are helping the environment. A really good local company trying to do their best, we will continue to support you. Our box arrived last week and it definitely has no plastic, not even tape. I love the way the box folds in itself too. Easy to store. This box will last us at least 6 months but we will keep you posted when it is finished. Thanks again.
Viola Hess
Maindy, Wales

Our passion:

We are an independent UK brand whose heart and soul belongs to the environment and protecting our natural resources for future generations.

ShearWater Eco™ adopts a philosophy of inclusion with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that they are adapting to more environmentally sound business models.

Our vetting process is stringent, ensuring that the correct checks have been conducted with both our direct and indirect suppliers and constantly improving our supply chain.

Wholesale B2B please email:   b2bsales@shearwatereco.com

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